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Monday is Valentine’s Day. Sure, you “don’t celebrate” Valentine’s Day. But let’s get real – if your significant other celebrates it, you celebrate it too. This is not optional. But winning at Valentine’s Day is easy, especially when it comes to food in Prague. Here’s a few (and definitely not all) options and ideas when it comes to Valentine’s Day dining in Prague.

The surprising one

The Eatery, a recent recipient of the Bib Gourmand award by the Michelin guide, is closed on Mondays. Or is it? Hell actually froze over and The Eatery will open this Monday only for a special St Valentine’s Day dinner.

The place is perfect for a dinner date: dim lights, great food (they serve a four-course dinner with two options for each course) and fantastic wines to boot. And if you want to impress, you should remember that The Eatery is a Krug embassy and you can get Krug Champagne by glass at a “very reasonable” price. (It’s still Krug, so “reasonable” is a bit higher than for most wines. Still…)

That pampered feeling

Another great restaurant that will serve a really nice Valentine’s dinner is La Rotonde. Not an obvious choice (hotel restaurants in Prague don’t have it easy), but we love Chef Hlaváček (congrats for making the Forbes’ 30 under 30!) and his cooking, so this one is definitely worth a look, especially when they take advantage of their synergy with Bebop Bar and serve a welcome cocktail. You had us at… cocktail.

The sweetest thing

Another place that will open on Monday, although it normally doesn’t, is the Votre Plaisir pastry shop. Their Valentine’s Day cake, which is a chocolate cake with raspberries and vanilla and quite striking visuals of a heart celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, and it’s become a classic in that time. You can preorder and pick up a bottle of Prosecco along the way.

Myšák has a few Valentine’s Day treats: a filled golden chocolate heart, pink strawberry “cat’s tongues” (little chocolates), heart-shaped veneček pastries and meringues in all the colours of the palate of (slightly kitschy) love. Krystyjan chocolatiers in Bubeneč have a beautiful heart-shaped box of pralines for two – each praline is represented twice. On top of it, they have two bigger heart pralines, one filled with hazelnut ganache (yum), and the other one with coconut cream. And IF Café in Werichova vila also has new Valentine’s Day pastries, and they’re beautifully packaged, so bound to make an impression.

The quickie

Kro Coffee in Vinohrady has two items worthy of your attention. First, the good people at KC thought: “what says ‘I love you’ the most?” And the best answer they came up with was obviously a langos, so they are coming not with one, but three versions, with different levels of spice. And you can (and should) finish with their sundae with two spoons. How romantic! You can get all of this from noon onwards on Monday.

Make it sexy

The people at Vinograf have decided to spice things up and you can get a special Valentine’s Day package with a bottle of wine… and a whip, and another with three different bottles of rosé… and a sexy board game. And singles will get a glass of wine on the house on Monday. (That’s actually kinda sad. How will they check this, btw?)

(Full disclosure: we run the social media of The Eatery and Kro Coffee. That said, our business relationship is only limited to that work, and does in no way include our writing on this blog, which we deem independent.)

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