Open House Praha: Desfours Palace – the Hidden Gem of Prague Classicism

Although the Open House Praha festival doesn’t start until mid-May of this year, you can go on an English-friendly tour in early March Of Desfours Palace. 10:30am.

Impressive marble stairways, precious ceiling paintings and many other rare art and craft elements are hidden behind the modest facade of the corner building next to Masaryk Railway Station. This house of ghosts – abandoned for years – was built between 1845–1847 as the new town seat of count Franz Desfours-Walderode, designed by Josef Kranner in the late Classicist style. One of the last aristocratic palaces erected in Prague, it was then owned for almost six decades by the Krasnopolski family, the last members of which were assassinated by the Nazis. In the 2nd half of the 20th century the palace was used by Rudé právo, the official newspaper of the Communist party, which caused the building many scars. The house – protected as a national monument – has recently been acquired by the Prague City Museum which is planning a complete reconstruction of the palace. Thanks to our special walk through the palace interior you will have a unique opportunity to feel the magic of the late centuries and listen to the story of the masters of this monument.

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