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Over the years, L’Fleur has crossed over from the serious, sombre bar to a more approachable place accommodating to visitors of the infamous V Kolkovně street, with a modern soundtrack, some meals and the abolition of the seat boxes that offered more privacy to those who wanted it. But still, if you want a great cocktail, L’Fleur will deliver. And if you like bubbles and don’t mind spending on them, L’Fleur is the place to go for a splurge.

Liquid Office Bar

The hip Karlín district always lacked a good cocktail bar until now, when the good people behind the Cash Only Bar, the sister of Hemingway’s Bar that feel victim to covid shutdowns, decided to open a new bar in the Butterfly office building at the end of Pernerova street. So now you don’t need to take a cab back to town after you’ve just had dinner at Eska, located just a block away.

But there’s more to Liquid Office Bar than just evening drinks – the place is open nearly all day and boasts a respectable coffee program, with small dishes coming soon. Their drinks are smart and mostly pre-mixed and just finished on the spot. Their aged Negroni with local apricot brandy is a great local twist on the immortal classic. The space cannot disguise the fact it’s in a modern concrete-and-glass building, but the furniture taken over from Cash Only and the dim lighting schemes do their best. This is an absolutely great place when in the area.

Bonvivant’s Cocktail Tapas Café

Barely anyone now remembers the old Bonvivant’s in the Old Town, which had a loyal following thanks to the quality of drinks and the old-school vibe of both the decor and the white overcoat-clad bartenders… and that means that the new location in the Mánesova street in the Vinohrady district has caught on… and while way off the beaten track, it still has the loyal following of local residents.

Many features have remained – the entire decor has been dismantled and adapted to the new location, the bartenders still look like they came here through a time machine from the 1940s, and the soundtrack just reinforces that feeling. But the drinks don’t play second fiddle here: under the supervision of Tomáš, the manager/bartender, the display includes many Czech specialties and there is a clear inkling towards Czech and Slovak local ingredients. A great place to start, or end, your exploration of the Vinohrady district.

Schody Home Bar

Imagine you have a home bar. Maybe that globe that opens to reveal the booze. Or a cart full of liquor. Now imagine the bar actually comes with a professional bartender. And that’s exactly what Schody Home Bar is. Sure, they don’t have ALL the alcohol, but how much do you really need? Given the size and concept, the place feels super cosy and home-y, and the best part is the location: at the foot of the Lesser Town stairs that lead up to the Prague Castle. The bar is tiny and you have to be buzzed in, but the location is simply magical. We honestly can’t think of a better thing to do in the Lesser Town at night than just to wander around and then have a cocktail or two in this secluded space. Could be the best memory of your Prague stay.

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